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What is "On The Move Customer  Service©?"  

Customer service is not about the customer service department;  it is not about the one-size-fits all customer service training program, that which was conducted last year, or the orientation session during the on-boarding phase.  

Customer service is a constant change process, part of which includes debriefing sessions with your staff to learn about their latest encounters and/or experiences.   Customer service is about how one handles the immediate situation -- e. g., the individuals on the phone, personality in front of the frustrated customer, and/or the conflict of body language, or the stress level of both communicators -- all happening in real time.  We also take into consideration the on-your-feet approach during the "bargain days" in marketing.  

"On The Move Customer Service" is provided in the developmental stage of learning.  The continuous learning environment and the need to stay contemporary.  Training is the beginning;  development is the monitoring of the training already provided -- re-training . . . over and over again!  

Teaching your workforce on a regular basis as to what is "in the now" and how to approach, pragmatically, the ongoing challenges they will encounter, and meeting the every-day demands, is about real customer service -- constantly learning and updating ways to handle difficult situations . . .  Learning On The Move!.

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