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Suicide Prevention Conference 

(SPC  20) | Overview

APRIL 22-24, 2020

ABOUT WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION COMMITMENT -- "All over the globe, individuals, agencies, and governments all do different things to bring the spotlight on suicide and to bring people together to help find a solution. Some of the things which are done include holding press conferences, creating videos about suicide prevention, holding educational seminars and conferences . . .

C.O.R.E. Convention Overview . . . 

JUNE 25-28, 2020

ABOUT THIS CONVENTION:   C.O.R.E. is an acronym for Caribbean Orphanages Relief & Encouragement project which is scheduled to be hosted in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, over a a 3-day period;  ideally, held during Caribbean Heritage Month.  The event's focus and objective will be aimed toward identifying planning strategies to help orphanages of the Caribbean region.  

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