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MAY 10-12, 2023

Success!  C-SHRP  Conference 

LOUD23, Antigua-Barbuda

JULY 20, 2023

CSC Internat'l Triple 

C Recognition Award 

SEPTEMBER 15-18, 2023

Suicide Prevention  

3-Day Conferences 

OCTOBER 16-17, 2023 

Summit Equal Pay 

Caribbean-Based Women


Caribbean Orphanages Assistance Project

OCTOBER 26, 2023

Could Your HR Leadership

 Be Failing You?

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I live to dance!  In fact, my friends always noted that they didn't dance with me often because there would not be sufficient space on the floor . . . Oh, yes, I dance by myself a lot . . . really, a lot!  

I do not believe, though that I enjoy dancing as much as watching synchronized dancing -- that which we so loving call, line dancing.  I have boldly gone where few have gone before --  The Cha Cha Slide,  The Electric Boogie,  The Electric Slide, The Bubble, The Wobble, The Cotton-Eye Joe, ever participated in Chicago Shake Down and oh, don't get me started with The Jerusalema dance steps . . .  I am hoping that there are a few Caribbean patriots who would like to launch a fundraiser with us, to benefit Caribbean Orphanages across the region's countries. To learn the steps, and about this line-dance, please visit the Jerusalema 

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Your Success Is Our Business!

CSC is a business development services firm with the strategic management skills needed to assist  companies with their development and expansion mission.  In addition to implementing strategic management services, CSC conducts training seminars, workshops, networking programs that focus on workplace compliance and workforce productivity improvement, as well as industry-related leadership conferences. 

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Why Choose Us?

At Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC) we want nothing more than to satisfy our clients’ needs; unlike most, we are experienced, knowledge and know how to encourage the company's sustainable competitive edge in the industry.   We work with qualified affiliates programs, influencers who know how to balance success.  Our extensive experience in strategic management and hands-on approaches is what sset us apart from the competition. 

Please do not let the words Strategc Management deflect your interest.  We work hand in hand with small and large businesses in executing strategic and organizational development.  Call us for a short 30-minute vetting session.  

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Corporate Strategies Corporation Provides 

"In The Community" 

Pro Bono to College-Bound Students 

Strategies for Success Workshops 

View Our Video About What A Few Students Said

"If you think the cost of education is high, try calculating the cost of ignorance!" -- Anonymous.   

As a former Dean and Retention Specialist, we would be delighted to host these workshops on the  campus -- relevant to future career planning. or have your students attend our schedule programs at our private sites. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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